All About Aviation Insiders Interview with Stelios Eustathiou, CEO Epsilon Aviation

Stelios Eustathiou is an aviation enthusiast and the CEO of Epsilon Aviation.  He comes from a traditional Greek shipping family and studied shipping at the City of London Polytechnic. He then continued his studies in Sulzer, Switzerland.

His love of flying began when he was eight years old. He would accompany his father as he flew a Piper PA 22-160 Tri- Pacer named Mother’s Blessing III.

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Piper PA 22-160 Tri- Pacer

Eustathiou always had a passion for flight.

“I was inspired by the attitude and the perception you have to have when you are up in the air,” said Eustathiou.

Eustathiou took some time out to sit with All About to discuss what it’s like flying the Greek skies and where he would like to see the Greek aviation industry go. He is the owner of a white Piper Saratoga, a single prop piston, with red stripes.

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